Application Form for Joining the
Guild of Renunciates at Dalereuth Guildhouse

Dalereuth only serves as an RPG site.

The Real Life Sisterhood of Renunciates is represented at the site of the Guildhouse of Renunciates. If you wish to join the Guild and live by the Oath in every day life, please go there.

If you wish to join a Renunciate Character in the Darkover RolePlayGame (RPG) or would simply like to see your name listed at the Dalereuth Roll of Honor as one of the Dalereuth Renunciates please sign up in the form below.
Before you do, read The Oath of the Renunciates and The Charta of Dalereuth House. Your character is expected to abide to both.

Sorry, the Application Form is closed because I do not currently play in the RPG.

If you have questions about the RPG or want to join, please go to the Darkover RPG site. You'll find all the answers there.