The Guild's Charta and House Rules

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Joining the Guild

Housebound time

  • Housebound time lasts 6 months RPG time. Since the RPG is running slowly, this is negotiable as long as it doesn't show too badly in the SL.
  • During the first months of housebound time the Renunciate does not leave the boundaries of the Guildhouse. During the last month she is allowed outside in company of an oathbound Sister for the duration of certain tasks.
  • During housebound time each Renunciate has to learn to behave in a way that lends honor to herself and the Guild, to defend herself with and without a knife, and to avoid a fight if possible.
  • During housebound time each Renunciate taylors and sews her own outfit.
  • During housebound time the Renunciates fulfill the necessary tasks around the house as they are asigned to by the oathbound Sister. Such is cleaning, mopping, mucking the stables, cleaning the aviary, tending the garden and the orchard, and helping the elder Sister with their chores.
  • During housebound time a Renunciate is subordinate to any oathbond sister in the house.
  • Women considered unfit in behaviour during or after their housebound time can be expelled from the Guild with the consent of three Elders of the Guild.
  • Women found posing as a Renunciate and thus profit from the security of the Guild, will be forced to take the oath and to spend at least the housebound time at a Guildhouse or else be slayed and their remains left to the wild beasts and her soul to the mercy of the Goddess.

    Living in the Guildhouse

    • Those who live in the Guildhouse abide to the Guildhouse rules for the time of their residence.
    • In case of offence each woman can be excluded without regard to their living or safety outside the Guildhouse.
    • The work due in house, yard and stables is fulfilled by all the women in the house.
    • Every-day work is distributed by the Guildmother according to abilities and necessity.
    • The women in the Guildhouse take turns in answering the front door. The woman on duty must have completed basic training in defence and behaviour but not necessarily her housebound year.
    • Men are not allowed in the house except in the stranger's room.
    • Boys born to a Renunciate leave the Guildhouse at the age of five.
    • Men found trying to mock or imitate a Renunciate to lull women into a false sense of security or to intrude unasked into a Guildhouse will lose their manhood to be made what they chose to mock and further on be left to the mercy of the goddess.

    Dalereuth Guildhouse Specialties

    • Dalereuth House serves as an intermediate between Guild and Towers. Therefor it fulfills a special role that calls for special rules:
    • The Guildhouse Dalereuth provides basic training for gifted women. Shielding and barriers are considered minimum security for all other Sisters.
    • The use of untrained laran, especially for minor purposes that do not involve emergency healing, is prohibited inside the house at any time.
    • Women caught to broadcast and threaten the life and sanity of the inhabitants, will be expelled from the house.
    • Laran gifted Renunciates may receive basic training at the Dalereuth Tower.
    • Should a Renunciate choose to join a Tower Circle she can move to the Tower after her housebound time or not, as is convenient for her.
    • Housebound Renunciates spend the hours of lecture and duty at the Tower but return immediately after that to the Guildhouse to fulfill their duties to the Guild.
    • Housebound Renunciates are under the guard and command of their teachers while at the Tower.
    • The Guildhouse Dalereuth sometimes hosts women of undoubted reputation who are trained in the Dalereuth Tower. Those women in turn contribute to the work in house, yard and stables but do not necessarily take the oath.

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