Valeria n'ha Lucilla

Personal data

Name: Valeria n'ha Lucilla (Leri)
Age: 32
Marital status: Unmaried
Occupation: Baker/Cook at Dalereuth Guild House: also has bakery in the marketplace
Former Occupation: ran (small) family farm until younger brother came of age
to take over and married (younger brother, not Leri!)
Residence: Dalereuth Guildhouse
Romantic affairs: none as yet
Platonic friends: Oath-mother Jaelle n'ha Gilla; Eliadha n'ha Ardana; Angharad n'ha Cerridwan; K'Tara n'ha Jaelle
Laran: traces of MacAran, Aldaran; strong Ridenow
Appearence: Waist-length auburn hair, usually worn in a braid; green almond- shaped eyes, extremely fair skin, somewhat short and slender but stronger than she looks; looks much younger than she is and is often taken for either young or simple-minded; neither is, in fact, the case.
Pets: Any stray that might wander into coddling range, including children and even some adults!, two steady Terran housecats named Amarilla and Oscar
Skills and weeknesses: unarmed combat: Excellent
armed combat: Passable
horseback riding: very good
interpersonal skills: Good, loves to talk which can become annoying at times. Laran strength and training: Strength is fair; training is nil--trying to work up the courage to apply to the Tower for training
Weaknesses: Control freak; loathes conflict but resents being taken advantage of, despite a tendency to allow and even encourage exactly that.
Family: mother's name was Lucilla MacAran; father was a nedestro son of the Aillard family.