Sybill n'ha Dorilis

Personal data

Name: Sybill n'ha Dorilis
Age: in her 20s
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Renunciate - works as bodyguard
will work as teacher for the Dalereuth Guildhouse
Residence: Thendara Guildhouse
Romantic affairs: none
Platonic friends: Her sisters at the Guild,
Jaelle n'ha Gilla
Laran: none
Curiculum vitae: Nedestro-daughter of Lerrys Loran Lindir, half-sister to Rafael Lindir. Used to be a spoiled comyn-brat. Ran away from home after the captain of her father's guardsmen tried to seduce her and her father accursed her of having encouraged him. Finally found a new home in Thendara Guildhouse, where she improved her skills and manners so much that she was allowed to take her oath together with Jaelle n'ha Gilla.
Skills and weeknesses: unarmed combat: good
armed combat: excellent
horseback riding: above average
interpersonal skills: Was a terrible girl in her youth, but improved a lot. Nowadays she's polite to strangers and friendly with people she knows. In rare occasions she falls back to some kind of 'I'm-comyn-you're-not' behaviour, but only with people she dislikes.
Still thinks a lot of her past. Sometimes questions herself if her decision to join the renunciates was right. Has a strong ability to get into trouble.


OUT OF CHARACTER: Sybill was originally invented to describe my (Jaelle's) house bound period at the Guildhouse. I never really completed the story, so I brought Sybill into the RPG. The Roll Call was designed largely by Daimary, who will complete a story by using it the way it is. Sybill may be "used" by anyone who needs another renunciate character in RPG within reason. Have fun!
Yours Jaelle