Jaelle n'ha Gilla

Personal data

Name: Jaelle n'ha Gilla
Age: 30s (don't ask a woman with a knife for her age!)
Marital status: Single
Romantic affairs: none - busy with being a Guildmother
Platonic friends: Her sisters at the Guild,
her cicle at Dalereuth
Politics: Very strict about the Guild rules
Pro-technology, but not necessarily pro-Terranan;
always willing to discover new paths.
Pets: She adopted an injured Rabithorn
that now built a den in the Guildhouse's backyard
Occupation: Guildmother at the Dalereuth Guildhouse
Part time Monitor at Dalereuth Tower
Former Occupation: Midwife and healer in the Domains
Translator for a Terran survey team
Residence: Dalereuth Guildhouse
Laran: Ridenow (empathy), general Telepathy; by now she's a pretty good laran healer.
Other abilities: Fair sword fighter,
Excellent unarmed combat (as a Renunciate must),
Exellent on horseback (miserable on chervine, though),
Good handling of animals (i.e. is not eaten up by Ivan)
Good pathfinder (yeah right!)
Appearence: Tall, red-blonde woman with wrinkles around her eyes that speak of frequent laughter,
and scars and bruises all over her that speak of frequent combat.
Weaknesses: Appears to be rather moody, quick with decisions that may or may not proove wrong later on.
Mostly suspicious of Comyn and men because she was abandoned by her biological father.
Fear of being forced into something - close to paranoia.
Quick tempered.
Still suspicious of laran as such, she doesn't use it outside her circle and blocks all thoughts of others. She doesn't tolerate it's misuse in any form, including using telepathy as a 'phone line'.
Easily made drunk by kirian or firi (refrains from it usually).
Jaelle is usually good natured and trying to be a good Oath Mother. Resulting from her wish to prove adequate as Guildmother and Oath mother she is very strict in the lead of her Guildhouse and enforces the rules without reagard of person. In special cases she's willing to adjust to people's needs as long as peace in the house and among the sisters is not endangered. Thus she sometimes appears harsh and quick tempered and too strict contradicting her way of thinking about matters and traditions outside the Guild.
NEVER EVER confuse RPG-Jaelle with RL-Jaelle! I am a humorous person and I dislike most rules and traditions. If you wish to write an RPG story against the Guild or Jaelle, be prepared to meet the full resistence and maybe even the sword of RPG-Jaelle while RL-Jaelle will be all too happy to join in there.

Curriculum vitae

Born in the Thendara city home of the Aillards as nedestro child of Camilla Ridenow, baragana to Damon Aillard.
Left her mother when she was 14 and her father tried to marry her off while he never even cared about her the past 14 years.
Spent half a year in a tower and received basic training.
Joined the Renunciates first at Thendara and got basic training as midwife/healer and sword fighter.
After her housebound year worked 2 years as midwife. see: "Once in a lifetime"
Got employed by the Terranan and spent 5 years on different planets with a surveying team (including a survey of the Darkovan Hellers). see: "Dreamdancer"
Spent 3 years studying medicine on Terra.
Returned to Darkover, joined the (virtual) Guildhouse and completed her training as Monitor at Dalereuth Tower under supervision of Marilla, Keeper of Dalereuth and Piedro, first Technician.
Built up Dalereuth Guildhouse which has been again in operation for a few years since then.
Has renounced family bonds but is still in loose contact with her mother.

Family relationships (renounced)

Syrtis   -   Ridenow MacAran   -   Aillard
| |
Camilla (Gilla) Ridenow - Damon Aillard
Jaelle n'ha Gilla

Family relationships (not renounced)

Gilla n'ha Mhari (Oath mother)
Valentina n'ha Doria (Guildmother)
Sybill n'ha Dorilis (Oath sister)

Jaelle is proud Oath mother of four wonderful women:

Roxane n'ha Eva
Angharad n'ha Cerridwen
Valeria (Leri) n'ha Lucila
K'Tara n'ha Jaelle