Cafe Latte alla Piazza Navona

1/2 liter vanilla icecream
2 cups strong hot espresso
2 chocolate waffels (those small, round, crispy ones)

Portion the icecream into two flat dishes, pour the hot espresso into the middle and decorate with the waffles. Sounds easy? Well, at Piazza Navona in Rome you'll pay a day's salary for that, so cherish the thought.


Hot Berries with Vanilla Icecream

200 g fresh raspberries
200 g fresh blackberries and/or currants
Add 3 tablespoons of sugar, mix and let it sit for an hour.
Fill the berries into a pot and boil once
Add 1/2 teaspoon of starch and boil again. Add sugar and raspberry liquor to taste and serve hot with vanilla icecream..

Bon Appetit

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