Dalereuth Guildhouse Guestbook

This is an old volume from 1999 to 2000 in the 54th year of the regency of Danvan Hastur. View earlier volumes from 1998, or before 1998.

Karis n'ha Elemir - 12/08/00 18:09:13
My Email:Sharra_@web.de
S'dia Jaelle, Deine Site ist Balsam für meine Seele, eine ferne Erinnerung ?! Der moderne Eid entspricht i.e meiner eigenen Lebensweise - nie mehr Eigentum zu sein - mit allen guten und schlechten Seiten. Außerdem ist es schön etwas von Darkover zu hören, denn mein Umfeld ist leider nicht in der Lage, aus der "modernen" Welt auszubrechen ... nicht einmal in Gedanken. Ich arbeite z.Zt. an einer eigenen Site - mal sehen wie lange es dauert. Wir werden voneinander hören - über post würde ich mich sogar freuen. Bis dann Karis n'ha Elemir

Tana n'ha Thalys - 11/23/00 17:05:11
My Email:thalysa@freenet.de
Dear Jaelle, let me tell u that i felt very happy to find such a wonderful hp. i'd love to come back if i'm invited. Greatings to all Sisters.

Karen - 11/09/00 18:20:21

Leo n'ha souli - 10/21/00 19:49:57

Leo n'ha souli - 10/21/00 19:49:56

Kathi - 08/15/00 20:24:22
Hi Du! Ich dachte ich schau mal vorbei, nachdem du so lieb auf Svens Page darum gebeten hast. Deine HP ist echt nicht schlecht, immer weiter machen, gell! Ich meld mich dann mal wieder. GRUSS KATHI***

Ilona - 08/15/00 12:47:47
My Email:Ilona_W@web.de
Thank you for showing me your world. One dy it might be mine. good Luck

Marelie n´ha Alanna - 07/13/00 17:57:26
My Email:MarelieHastur.gmx.de
Ich finde deine Seite wunderschön Schwester! Ich habe mich riiiiiiesig gefreut, als ich sie gefunden habe und seitdem komme ich schon mal öfter hierher und schaue bei meinen Schwestern vorbei um zu sehen wie es so geht. Besonders über die Übersetzung auf eutsch habe ich mich gefreut, da versteht man gleich viel mehr! S´par servu, Marelie

Petra n`Gerda - 06/19/00 16:30:19
My Email:PhoenixIserlohn@web.de
Suche Fans von MZB, die mir in Deutsch mailen. Bin 33 Jahre alt und wohne in Deutschland

Petra n`Gerda - 06/19/00 16:29:43
My Email:PhoenixIserlohn@web.de
Suche Fans von MZB, die mir in Deutsch mailen. Bin 33 Jahre alt und wohne in Deutschland

Jaelle herself - 06/11/00 17:06:27
My Email:see on top
Dear Traveller! This is to show you that I *DO* read my guestbook. Sorry it was broken for some time. It's back in order now. Come back soon and thanks for signing in.

Simone - 10/24/99 20:06:32
My Email:simone.gross@t-online.de
Hello!! Your side is really great!!! I think, I will come back soon!!!

Anja Gerda Hofmann - 09/26/99 21:33:40
My Email:Draxe@germanynet.de
Hello everybody! I´m just trying to come along with my shock about the - more or less - sudden death of MZB. I´m 33 years old and since many yaers a lover of darkover and other stories of her. Btw.: My darkovanian Name is Anya n´ha Calisu If you´d like to have mail-contact with me now and then, feel free to use my adress at any time in english or german. Greetings Anj(y)a

Susannah n'ha Cornelia - 09/06/99 13:03:49
My Email:susipauer@hotmail.com
I'm very glad I visited this wonderful page!! Being member of a guildhouse was my wish since I first heard (read) of them. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!!!

Liara - 08/27/99 20:47:46
My Email:9862cox.@bc.sympatico.ca
Great place! I really loved this site!

Azrael di Asturien-Aldaran - 08/04/99 02:08:58
My Email:4Aces@gmx.net
This is my first visit on this pages and I just have to say that it's a gorgeous one with fabulous pictures!

Dara n´ha Margali - 07/23/99 22:17:06
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nova/1191
My Email:ceralisto@hotmail.com
Hallo Jaelle, Schwester. Endlich komme ich dazu, einmal wieder das Gildenhaus zu besuchen, wenn auch nur kurz. Ich kehre noch heute nach Temora zurück. Du bist natürlich jederzeit willkommen. Ich danke Dir noch einmal für Deine Hilfe und würde mich freuen Dir mal mein Gildenhaus zu zeigen.

kelly ann n'ha barbara - 07/22/99 11:27:43
My Email:kelsaborg@yahoo.com
Hello, thank you for forming this page on line!!!

Kate Malkie - 07/11/99 19:47:13
My Email:KtMalkie3@aol.com
I have loved the Darkover books for the past 15 - 20 years and can say I have read them all. . .more than once. .. thanks for the pages. . .

Josephine Park - 06/18/99 21:48:45
i have just begun to learn about celtic religion i was first interested from marion zimmer's book the mists of avlon where she touched on many things i held true in my own heart. and thank you for setting up this sight, i am all the more interested and i feel asif these things i am learning were things i already knew.

Lissandra n'ha Leah (aka Loopy Liss) - 06/17/99 16:31:42
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/half_asleep
My Email:half_asleep@usa.net
Hi Jaelle! Great page! I'm sure I'll talk to you soon and I'll be back!

Deainira - 06/14/99 04:07:25
My Email:silverdolphin3@juno.com
hi, I' man Amazon, i'm just checking out your site, looks pretty cool so far.

Yonca n'ha Helga - 06/10/99 19:54:09
My Email:Toepffer@gmx.de
Schön, daß es Euch gibt, nur wo kann ich mich mit Euch direkt treffen? Gibt es auch Darkover-Chat-Rooms? Es gäbe so viel zu sagen und zu fragen.

Jutta - 06/05/99 19:57:30
My Email:giz007.topmail.de
hi Jaelle, schön das noch andere auf Darkover leben, zumindest in Ihrer Freizeit. Terra ist halt doch nicht das wahre

Stormwolff - 05/25/99 05:58:51
My Email:stormwolff@conceptsnet.com
My friend Shaya gave word of y'all. I'm interested, and intrigued. I'd like to know more, if that's alright.

Sandi n'ha Esther - 05/18/99 02:55:25
My Email:Logiceve@aol.com
I am happy to have finally found you.

donna - 05/14/99 18:03:28
My Email:donna@majornet.com
thanks for having this available; i'm a major darkover and mzb fan but didn't want to get involved with the friends of darkover again-way too much mail. it's a very beautiful and detailed site;congratulations and thanks again

j'alle katey - 05/02/99 01:05:34
My URL:http://frodo601.com
My Email:frodo601.com
thank you sisters for letting me join. i have just started mzb book about lews daughter and the mirror matrix, my sister just started reading mzb and i had to slow her down because she thought she knew everthing about matrixes and shara in one book, i ri d to join the friends of darkover in 1985-86 and lost touch, i am thankful that i ahve found a website devoted to the many classes of darkover, i picked renunciates because they are the only ones that would approve of the technology that we are talking t rough which each other now, magdalen and ja'nelle, might have understanded, maybe the forbidden tower, my sister has just read one book and i have pulled every book by mzb darkover, i have her king arthur stuff too, to rpove to my sister that there is mor to what she has read in one book. i think i am ready to be a amazon, and i dream sometimes at night that myself and my twin girls have a marix that was split three ways and we are very powerful in the forbidden tower, one of my daughters was named from d rkover.

Marfa - 04/28/99 13:30:13
My Email:Marfa@bitxbit.net
I'm afraid it just dawned on me to look for others lovers of Darkover....but I'm delighted to have found you. I will explore and send your site to old friends of Darkover and those we are introducing.........Thank you!

detlef hanz - 02/25/99 09:38:54
My Email:detlef.hanz@tronet.de
Klasse, danach habe ich lange gesucht. Wir, d.h. meine Frau Heike und ich sind seit Jahren begeisterte Fans von MZB und Darkover. Wir suchen schon lange nach Diskussionsforen und gleichgesinnten. Vielleicht könnt Ihr Jaelles uns Terranern :-) weiterhelfen??? Gruß Detlef

diane - 02/21/99 15:17:06
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~cricbird/index.html
My Email:dicric@webtv.net
Just wanted to do the courteous (sp ?) thing and sign the guestbook.

Mary - 02/19/99 00:25:42
My Email:maryberube@hotmail.com
My husband is a potter and I am a student at Central Arizona College going eventually to NAU for a BA in Early Education. I have recently been interested in Celtic Beliefs.

Gangorn - 02/16/99 01:39:20
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shire/2230/
My Email:gangorn@yahoo.com
Hello, I'd just like to say your page is very well done and entertaining to go through. I'm relatively new to the world of Darkover, but I've enjoyed it very much. A good friend of mine, she goes by Chiyath got me into the series and she also sent me this page to visit. I'm sorry that I can't become more involved in this little group, but do to the fact I am male, I cannot join. ~smiles~

Shana - 02/05/99 01:41:27
My URL:http://www.dragon-island.de
My Email:dragon-island@gmx.de

Als Wanderin durch World Wide Web
bin ich auf vielen Seiten schon gewesen
Deine Homepage ist von schöner Art
und ich fand hier vieles was ich mag
Auch so manche Kostbarkeiten
hab' ich entdeckt auf Deinen Seiten

Dra on Island © ist nun meine Heimat
ein Narr wer sie noch nicht gesehen hat
Klicke nun auf diesen Button
die Reise geht recht schnell von statten

Ein netter Gruß von hier nach da
Das war's ersteinmal - Shana n'ha Ysbeth

Ysabet n'ha Karol - 02/05/99 01:12:46
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Quadrant/3614/
My Email:Ysabet04@aol.com
I love darkover! Most don't believe me, but I'm an Empath. I love the renunciates, and would be one if i lived on Darkover!

Valeri n'ha Beverly - 02/03/99 22:21:28
My Email:valerie_renken@uscs.com
I am from the Caer Donn Guild House and do not understand your dialect - but I love your work! This has been a wonderful visit to Dalereuth! I love a visit to the Sea!

Shawna - 02/01/99 02:35:19
My Email:Moxiecatt@aol
Being an Amazon at heart since my teen yrs, it's nice to finally seek out and find others. You have a nice Guildhouse here...

anais - 01/14/99 20:09:20
hallo jaella du gefällst mir

Karen Purvis - 01/05/99 22:43:54
My Email:fcgirls@bellsouth.net

Shaya n'ha Esther - 01/02/99 16:59:37
My Email:slparker24@hotmail.com
I recieved your message about becoming a member of this house and i tried to reply to it, but your address doesn't seem to be working. I am not very good with computers so it could be somthing that i am doing wrong. i would like to know what i have to do to get on your Renunciate mailing list and to become a member. Thank you so much for getting this house together. It is nice to know that others feel the same way as I do. Yours, Shaya n'ha Esther

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