Dalereuth Guildhouse

The Guildhouse Living-Room

Come on in, take a seat. Let me tell you a little about this house.
For sure you have heard of the Renunciates Guild, haven't you? We are sometimes called the Free Amazons, too. The Renunciates Guildhouses offer help to any woman that knocks on our door. We all follow the strict charta of the Guild - some more, some less. It's pretty hard on the novices.
Usually men are not allowed in here, except in the stranger's room. We make certain exceptions nowadays as long as they promise not to harrass our sisters and stay with their guide.
This Guildhouse serves as a mediation between the Guild and the Towers. We want to give Renunciates the chance to train their laran at the tower and to receive a training as healer or midwife in the Guildhouse, should they wish so. They will also have a room in this house, safe from men and in the company of their sisters.

Would you like to meet the Residents of Dalereuth
Guildhouse? Then please follow me into the
sitting room.

If you have decided to join the Guildhouse Dalereuth
please follow me into the script room, where we can
fill in the application form together.
* Jaelle motions to the wooden door on the right *





I hear you want to become a healer and
midwife? So take the magic door on your
right. You will notice the door has no
door knob. Just speak, friend, and enter!

If you would like to train as laranzu
or advance as mechanic, technician or
even keeper, just step through the
veil into Dalereuth Tower and ask for
Piedro. He will help.

But beware! Asking for any of those means no turning back!



This house is adjacent the Dalereuth Tower,
located in the Valeron Plains of Darkover.
You don't know Darkover? Well, any decent space ship
has a teleporter and will take you there.

Are you hungry? Check out the kitchen.
When Leri isn't doing her magic there,
I sometimes sneak in and try some of my own
favorite recepies. Have a look!





As first permanent resident and Guild mother to this
house, I occupy a private wing. So if you would like to
take a look at my private rooms, follow me
through this door.
* Jaelle beckons you to follow her *

A Renunciate has to tailor her own outfit
during her housebound year.
If you consider doing this, here are some
suggestions of what you could sew.



You can leave me a message on the desk below
if you want to get into contact with me...

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Please feel free to visit me again. It was nice meeting you.

* Jaelle leads you out the back door *

Door to Dalereuth City