The Priestress of Avarra

The Shrine of The Goddess Avarra


Enter, all ye faithful!
This shrine is dedicated to The Goddess Avarra,
Dark Mother,
Goddess of Birth and Death,
who gives and takes lifes
as they rise and fall.
Oh mercyfull Avarra,
lend your blessings to this house
of your true daughters
and grant us many years
before we truely falter.


Avarra is known to wander on Darkover and take personal care of her children.
It is said that she had four handmaidens, after whom the moons are named:

Idriel, to watch over labor;
Mormallor, to keep the souls of those stillborn;
Liriel, to bless those liveborn; and
Kyrrdis, to help gather the souls of the dead.

Avarra, your daughters of the Guild submit themselves to your mercy with their Oath.