The Crystal Cavern

Through the cellar of the Dalereuth Guildhouse you enter into a cavern-like room. The dark walls glitter all around and a beautiful woman appears in the shining light of a glooming crystal.

Follow Jade down the trodden steps and she will show you her Crystal Cavern.




Zodiacal Stones

Would you like a personal gemstone? Choose the one from your zodiac, from your ascendent or both.
Capricorn Garnet, smokey quarz
Aquarius Amethyst, aquamarine
Pisces Aquamarine, bloodstone
Aries Diamond, citrin
Taurus Emerald
Gemini Pearl, moonstone, agate
Cancer Ruby
Leo Peridot, sardonyx
Virgo Sapphire
Libra Opal, tourmaline
Scorpio Topaz, citrine
Sagitarius Turquoise
There are strong regional differences concerning the assignment of crystals. I would advise that you touch the stone you choose and try if you like it and if it harmonises with you. Carry it around for a while and determine if it is "yours". If it feels wrong, give it to someone else.

Energy Stones

Certain Crystals are said to posess special healing qualities. If you think about early radios, they used piezo crystals to produce sound and each crystal swung in a different tune. Gemstones formed under certain heat and pressure may produce very different amorphus or crystaline formations and resonate to different vibrations. Believe in the crystals or believe in the placebo effect. In any case it works.

AGATE: development, strengthens, restores energy

AGATE (BLUE LACE): relieves stress, promotes peace and happiness, inner attunement

AGATE (BOTSWANA): protection, helps adjust to sudden change

AGATE (CRAZY LACE): balance, insight, comprehension

AGATE (MOSS): acceptance, self-confidence, security, enhances communication w/plants & minerals

AMBER: energy magnet, increases enjoyment

AMETHYST: enhances mind, intuitions and insight, inner calm, spirituality. Soul Stone

APACHE TEARS: support, protection, repels negativity, aids in time of grief

AQUAMARINE: calms nerves, relaxes body, promotes inner power, opens throat chakra

AVENTURINE: stimulates creativity, good luck, speeds healing of the heart

AZURITE: calming, reach inner depth without fear, brings truth and light

BARITE: clear thought and growth, communication, insight into relationships

BERYL: psychic awareness, strengthens relationships

BORNITE (PEACOCK COPPER): stimulates inner spirit, used for rebirthing

CALCITE: cosmic force, thought amplifier, balances yin & yang, divine truth. Eyes & eliminatory organs

CARNELIAN: motivator, helps turn thought into form, grounds energy, manifestation

CHAROITE: brings fears to the surface to diminish them, enhances awareness of life's purpose

CHRYSOCOLLA: stimulates mind while relaxing emotions, FEMININE POWER GEM

CITRINE: stimulates communication, magnifies voice, energizing, cleansing, builds light force, success

DANBURITE: Stimulates intellect, brings light

FLUORITE: strengthens thought and abilities, understanding, connects to soul realms, centering, concentration

GARNET: bodily strength, wisdom, endurance, passion

HEMATITE: stabilizes, grounds, draws out illness, protection

JADE: protection, wisdom & courage, forms a shield, good luck & prosperity

JASPER (RED): dream recall, fairness, prevent set backs

JASPER (LEOPARDSKIN): opens mind to new thinking, grounding, regulator of energies, creativity from nature

JASPER (PICTURE): stimulates creative visualization, harmony

LAPIS LAZULI: stimulates inner vision, awareness, promotes spirituality, awakens early soul memory

MALACHITE: protector of children, transformation, activates chakras, clarifies emotions, releases negativity

MANGANO CALCITE: SPIRIT STONE, spiritual awakening, strengthens auric field, for communication with spirit guides

MOLDAVITE: only extraterrestrial gemstone, meteoric, alignment with cosmic elements, attracted to healers

MOONSTONE: promotes love given and received, balance emotions, activates psychic ability

MOTHER OF PEARL: flowing movement, protection, attracts money

OBSIDIAN: protection, surfaces hidden issues

OBSIDIAN (GOLD SHIELD): used for gazing, communion w/source of all beings, brings forth inner beauty

OBSIDIAN (RAINBOW): brings love into one's life, allows recognition of the spiritual

OBSIDIAN (SNOWFLAKE): recognize patterns of behavior, serenity

ONYX: protection, repels negativity

OPAL MATRIX: progress, expansion of understanding, clarity

PYRITE (FOOLSGOLD): eases anxiety and frustration, attracts money, shields from negativity

QUARTZ (CLEAR): power amplifier, cleansing, strengthens will, improves vitality and well-being, amplifies thought forms, channels hi frequency energy on physical plane. Crystal of Power

QUARTZ (SMOKEY): spiritual force manifested in a physical body, mood elevator, increases endurance, activates survival instincts, grounding, disposing of that which is no longer needed

QUARTZ (ROSE): love, beauty, self-acceptance, self-fulfillment, heals heart, emotional release

RHODOCHROSITE: gold for wisdom, orange for creativity, pink for love..movement in spiritual development

RHODONITE: heals emotions, strengthens self identity, brings love onto physical plain

RUBY: allows heart to breathe through emotional pain, release of emotional pain

SELENITE: peace of mind, mental-emotional ease, recorder, helps spiritual body integrate with physical, guidance in astral

SODALITE: strengthens power of mind over body, self-esteem, harmony, awakens third eye, absorbs negativity & strengthens lymph system

SUNSTONE: cleansing, energizing, alleviates stress & increases vitality

TIGEREYE: enthusiasm, protection, clarity, attracts money, grounding, personal power

TOPAZ (BLUE): peaceful and calming, identifies personal boundaries

TOPAZ (NATURAL OR GOLDEN): assists flow of communication between mind and heart

TOURMALINE (BLACK): protection, deflects negative energies and shields, grounds spiritual energies

TOURMALINE (GREEN): HEALING STONE, life giving, heals on all levels, purifies & strengthens nervous system

Again: Touch the stone, carry it with you and try to feel if it likes you and if you like it. If not, it is not "yours". Carry only gemstones you feel comfortable with.

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