Jaelle's Herbal Rooms

Healers and midwives in the medieval were considered witches. When using their craft they were burnt on the stake, when refusing they were burnt in hell. Nowadays I would like to share the knowledge I achieved in those ancient days and rescued over several bonfires with you, my children. So now you will share the knowledge and you will share the suffering *ha-ha-ha-ha*

If you are more intersted in midwifery and serious herbalism, enter Amy's midwifery classroom.

(not to be taken too seriously)

Herbs for eternal youth

Prepare a tea from equal amounts of Aloe vera, Dioscorea, Echinacea, Ginko biloba, Ginseng, Goldenseal, and Gotu cola and drink at least 5 times a day. If you manage, you are apt to stay young and healthy (look at me). If you don't you're probably to old for it anyway.

Herbs for sexual refreshment

Nobody would admit to be frigid or impotent, right? But who would deny that a little extra refreshment can do no harm? You wouldn't, would you? Then read this carefully and use whenever necessary.
For both men and women there's a tea prepared from Lirosma ovata, Oats (Avena sativa), Quebracho bark, Mulra puama root, Similax officinalis, Kava kava root, Saw palmetto berries, Pygeum bark, Avena sativa straw, Nettle leaf, and Damiana. It is said to "recharge the battery".
If, after this experience of taste you are still able to have fun with a lover you must be the most healthy and sexually able person I've ever met.

Herbs for charming beauty

Cinnamon, Chickweed, Nettle leaf, either extermanally used or as tea or spice will enhance beauty. More important so is, that you like yourself in the mirror. Try to persuade (or change) yourself as so you can look at youself at any given moment and like what you see.
A lover will be most helpful in accepting your own internal beauty.

Herbs for midwifery

Partridge berry {Mitchella repens} is used to prepare the body for childbirth. It is effective for abnormal contractions of the uterus (during bleeding)and sore nipples.
Ladies mantle can help with periodical pains and irregular bleeding.

Herbs for insanity

Mind you, these herbs are used against insanity, not to induce it. Why should we induce insanity anyway. With most people you just wait and it will come all by itself for sure.
Now for someone you wouldn't want to fall into senility and stupidity prepare a tea from Ginseng, Ginko biloba, and Ginger and feed it to him hot or cold. If he's not insane or senile he won't drink it. thus you have an additional test on weather your diagnosis is correct or if you should rather drink the tea yourself.
Note that herbs for senility reappear for immortality. What would you do with a haelthy body and a senile mind?