The total solar eclipse on August 11th 1999

Path of totality over Germany


As you may have heard, the solar eclipse was a disaster weather-wise over Germany. Very few cities had any view at all on the sun at the point of eclipse.
Ulm at least, where I stayed at that point, had a good view for the first hour of the event. Before the total eclipse happened, nevertheless, heavy rain poured down and the clouds covered the sky.
#E7C0AF Still, we could count ourselves lucky: At the very moment of total darkness, the clouds broke and gave us a view on the moon and the corona. We could even watch it without sunglasses. The clouds protected our eyes.

Here's a pic my Dad took in Luxenburg - where the weather was better.

He took it with one of those little throw-away cameras. Amazing, isn't it?

This is the sun right before the eclipse:

So, that's it folks. Not much of an event to remember. Better luck next time.