Residents at Dalereuth Guildhouse

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Name Guildhouse Oath mother Function Laran Email Homepage
Roll Call
Camila n'ha Magerida Thendara none as yet Breda not tested Email
Dominica n'ha Patricia Dalereuth none as yet Breda Elhalyn donas Email
Glenna n'ha Linnea Dalereuth Carlina n'ha Betta healing apprentice not tested Email
Florence n'ha Helen Dalereuth none as yet Breda Ridenow Email
Heidi n'ha Maria Dalereuth none as yet Breda not tested Email
Helen n'ha Henriette Dalereuth none as yet Breda not tested Email
Jaelle n'ha Gilla Dalereuth Valentina n'ha Doria Guildmother and
Monitor at Dalereuth
Ridenow Laran Email Private rooms
Jannine n'ha Hannah Dalereuth none as yet Breda not tested Email
Jetis n'ha Arthemisia Dalereuth none as yet Breda not tested Email
Kari n'ha Karen Dalereuth none as yet Breda not tested Email
Kestria n'ha Cellina Dalereuth n/a Breda Alton Rapport Email
K'Tara n'ha Jaelle Storn Jaelle n'ha Gilla Guildmother at Storn not tested Email
Lianne n'ha Kindra Dalereuth Amalie n'ha Constanza trail guide/mercenary Aldaran donas Email
Marquerida n'ha Ysabeth Dalereuth none as yet Breda Hastur Email
Yllana n'ha Karis Dalereuth none as yet Breda McAran donas Email


I am proud Oath mother of six wonderful women (part RPG part RL):

Roxane n'ha Eva from my home domain, Angharad n'ha Cerridwen the weaver, Valeria (Leri) n'ha Lucila who's full of Joy, K'Tara n'ha Jaelle who took my name with her down under, Dara n'ha Margali who built up Temora for the sisterhood, and Imbri n'ha Jean from the coldest Hellers up north.

I've been proud and happy to accept those oaths after I got to know the wonderful women. I politely ask future applicants to consider their choice really well and get to know their potential oath mothers before taking the oath.

Follow Jaelle back into the Guildhouse Common Room...

...or find some of the women living here in their rooms.

Jaelle's Private Quaters Sybill's Sword Court Angharad Weaver+Tailor Pets Place

Apart from Dalereuth which you've just seen there's
Old Thendara Guildhouse, without an RPG web space right now, and kept by Lucrecia n'ha Magdalen as long as Vlentina n'ha Doria is in the juvenilation tank. There is Temora Guildhouse kept by Dara n'ha Margali, Neskaya Guildhouse kept by Linnea n'ha Istvana, and last not least Storn is in the process of building a new Guildhouse up in the mountains under K'Tara n'ha Jaelle.

Feel free to drop by... and - er - since you are going anyway, would you mind taking a few letters along?

Housemother of this Renunciates Guildhouse is Jaelle n'ha Gilla.

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