By now I assume you're a pretty good seamstress / taylor so the hoods should be pretty selfexplaining. You always cut out the shown pattern twice - left and right side. Sew the two parts together at the red seams and with the green seams to the cloak. At hood 3 join the point with the hood and wear seperate from the cloak. Easy, huh?



Ladies in the middle ages did also wear hoods or guggels (that's the hood with the shoulder piece attached as you see in Hood 3), but most usually they wore bonnets or veils.
A lady of a certain age did not show her hair in public. She hid all or most of it under a bonnet. The easiest bonnet you can sew is what looks like a "shower cap".

Cut out a circle or slight oval, at least 50 cm in diameter. On the outer rim of your circle, stich a single thread up and down all around the circle, in as tiny stiches as your patience can manage (1). Carefully pull the thread tight, so the rim overlaps with the circle and forms an outer fringe (2). Even the whole thing out, secure with pins and iron flat.
In the next step you want to sew a tube through with to run a rubber band or a string to pull the bonnet tight.
Now you actually have a choice from "quick and dirty" up to "truely anal". The quick one would be: Sew once around the fringe, about 2 cm from the inner edge, then once more as close to the inner edge as you can (3). Leave a small opening to insert the rubber band. Sew the ends of the rubber band together. Done.
If you want it a little nicer, you can sew a ribbon into the bonnet or also onto the outside, really, and run the rubber band through that tunnel. Also, you could secure the seam with only sewing once around, then attach little loops on the outside of the bonnet and run a ribbon through those. Lace makes a nice outside fringe as well... The options are endless.



Another easy head piece is the veil. It can be worn in many different styles, e.g. held with a ring or a ribbon.

An apropriate piece of cloth or veil is cut and the edges seamed. It can be sqare, rectangle, circle, or oval. For the first suggestion, sew a length of matching ribbon to one edge and secure it in the nexk with a knot. For the ring, you will have to sew a tube, about 4 cm in diameter. Stuff it with cotton wool suchlike and sew the ends together. Make sure it still fits around your head after that. You have to start out with a tube much longer than the measurement around your head. The veil is then sewn to the ring, or simply held in place with it.


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