Custom Clothes

I am doing some of the clothes depicted in these pages on demand. If you want to order anything, please email me so we can talk about size, fabric, color and prices. Of course prices vary with the fabric you want and the size you order. Since this is on demand hand made clothing I accept only cheque, money order or cash in advance before I even shop for the fabric.



Here's how you measure your body (man or woman) in case you want me to make one of the clothes for you. None of the patterns I do for others are tight fitting and the clothes are designed to fit even if you put a little weight on. Nevertheless please be accurate with the measures. What you give is what you get!

I am German, so please use the metric system. No matter what you want, please hand in ALL the measurements. It helps a lot to get a picture of the whole person.

  1. Stand upright! Measure from top of head to heel (like your mom did when you were still growing).
  2. From where your neck meets your shoulder down to the middle of your belt.
  3. From the middle of your belt to the bottom.
  4. From the top point where the arm joins the shoulder down to the wrist. If you are not sure do it once with raised and once with lowered arm. Both should be identical.
  1. All around your head.
  2. Straight around your shoulders.
  3. All around your breast at the largest point. Hold your breath!
  4. Around your waist where the belt is. Do not suck your belly in!
  5. Around your hips at the largest point.