Traditional Darkovan Clothing

Traditional Darkovan clothing for men includes a Tunic, Breeches and a warm Cape.


The Tunic is the easiest part. Take a heavy material like velvet for comyn or wool for lower aristocracy. Some leather-like material will do fine for travellers.
Measurments (orange numbers) vary with body size of course. I'll give you an idea for a 1,80m tall woman in brackets.
1 measures from your shoulder to the middle of your thigh (ca. 80cm). 2 will be shoulder width +10cm (around 60cm).
Cut the fabric adding a little on each rim for the hem. Sew the back and front together at the shoulders (green lines). Sew a hem all around. Do not sew the sides but just slip the tunic over your head and bind with a belt around your waist. (If you wish to sew the sides you'll have to change the shape a little). The grey areas can be embroidered or lined with fur or lace.



The breeches can have the same material or a light cotton, whatever suits the climate. 3 measures from waist to middle calf (ca. 85cm) plus 10cm on top and 10 at the bottom for the hems. 4 is 30 - 35cm. Cut the pattern from the fabric 4 times. First sew two of them together at the red line, then the other two. Now you have a front and a back, looking alike. Put them on top of each other and sew the outsides first, then close the legs at the inside. Last step: sew a broad hem on the top then on the bottom of each leg. Insert a rubber band or a string and pull it tight to arange the folds. The tunic goes over that so there's no need to fuss with the top.


Wide sleeve Shirt

With this kind of clothing you have two possibilities not to freeze to death: Either you sew sleeves to the tunic itself or you go for a shirt.
1 will have the same length as the tunic (ca. 80cm). Measure 2 rather wide (2/3 around your chest - 90-110cm). The sleeves measure 3 from your shoulder to your wrist +10 (ca 80-90cm), 4 is at least 50cm (depends on how wide you want the sleeves.
First sew the shoulders of back and front together (green lines), then add the sleeves to the sides (red lines). Next, close the sleeves (blue lines) and the sides (green). Last hem the collar and the sleeves. For the sleeves: add a 10cm band of fabric from the inside into wich you insert a rubber band. Alternatively you can sew also a hem at the end of the sleeves.
Insert a string in the collar, too, so you can adjust the width.


And this is what the clothing will look like so far.


A finishing touch and a MUST if you want to move around outdoors is the


It's a pretty easy part, too. You can use everything from heavy velvet to wool or synthtics. Heavy material tends to flow nicer.
1 will either be from your shoulders to the bottom or (if you want a short riding cloak "Type Robin Hood") to the middle of your thighs. That's 180 or 90cm respectively. Be sure to add a few cm when you cut and adjust the final legth when everything else is done. 2 is 2m.
Sew a wide hem at the top and pull a string through. Pull the string tight until the cloak fits around your shoulder and then close the openings of the hem with a few stiches. Cut off the string (see to it that it doesn't slip back in). Hold the cloak closed with a brooch or a clasp.
Now try the cloak on and ask a friend to cut it at the bottom. You may want to round the front edges or even fur-line the hem (gray area). If you used very heavy material, let the cloth hang in a closet for some weeks before you cut the rim, it will stretch a few centimeters.
If you want to do a lining inside, be sure to add it before you hem the cloak.

In the end, hem it all around and you might want to add a hood. Don't ask me about how to do that, I never did. Measures are (3) about 40cm x 45cm (4). Sew the two parts together at the red line and sew to the collar of your cloak at the green line.

Try those easy patterns first and when you find the result nice but not good enough, try to adjust it to your needs. Have fun sewing.