What some of the patterns will look like

Men's clothes

Different possiblilities of the same pattern. Click to see my freemate wearing it.

Women's clothes


My first atempt at a medieval dress (1) and Lorina in a nobility dress I made (2). She added the bead work. Pretty, isn't it?
(3) is my latest nobility dress. Click to see me wearing it.
(4) is what I call the wench costume. The patterns can be found at Dawn's Costume Pages. It's basically and easy gathered skirt, a short chemise, and a corset.

Renunciate's clothes

Simple tunic (1) with breeches or an even simpler tunic (2) combined with leggins. (3) The wide swinging cape pattern is found under "cloak No. 3". I've combined it with wide trousers, a wide sleeved shirt and a loose fit bustier.