Possible Renunciate Clothing

According to the books, Renunciates wear whatever they like or circumstances dictate. Provided it is considered "propper" by Darkovan standards - with exception of a covered up neck.
This includes either a long skirt, a devided skirt for riding, or wide trousers which are stuffed into the boots. Tops can vary from wide sleeved shirts, over long tunics, to bustiers or vests. Coats, cloaks, or capes round up the winter outfit, boots are a must.
The clothing below is adjusted to Terranan summer, not Darkovan winter. You'll find that much more comfortable on a medieval market or live acting role play.

A Simple Tunic

This easy pattern for non-taylors was suggested by Alanna (who *IS* a seamstress, don't get me wrong).
Simply take a long stripe of fabric, cut a hole in the middle to fit your head through and fold it at the shoulder line. Bind it with a pretty belt and you're done. Adjust length and width of the fabric to your needs. Start with shoulder width plus 20cm or 1/2 waist circumfence plus 20cm, whichever is more for the width and 2 * shoulder-to-mid-thigh for the length. You can seam away what you don't need.


A More Sexy Tunic

This tunic is as easily made, just with a V-neck and some sexy insight, depending how you wear it.
Take two long stripes of fabric, half the width but the same length like the one above. they can be the same or matching color. Fold each at the shoulder line and gather it up with a brooch or a string. Then hang one over each shoulder, arrage the fabric around you and bind it with a pretty belt. You can sew the fabric in place or not, depends on how you like it.



These tunics can be worn on top of a pair of leggins which you could buy in a naturally looking color and fabric, or with breeches or a long (devided) skirt. Whatever suits you best.


An Easy Skirt

The easiest skirt is a piece of fabric (a bed linnen for example) wrapped around your body. You bind the waist with a string or rubber band and let the upper part hang down over the lower part.
What you get is a long skirt with a short apron. If you dye the upper half in a different color or sew a different fabric to it, it adds to the effect.