Jaelle's Private Quaters

Sit down, have a tea. Or if you like, have a look at the other rooms.

As I said, I belong to the group of the "Free Amazons" or "Renunciates" of Darkover. We have renounced the protection of men and we swore to defend ourselves. Also on Terra where I spent some years of study I found this principle worth living for. I am independent from men as far as nourishment and protection is concerned but that doesn't mean I don't have male partners.
* Jaelle smiles *

The Oath of the Renunciates also includes that I carry the name of my mother (actually it's her nick name). "Jaelle n'ha Gilla" means "Jaelle daughter of Gilla". She is the woman who taught me self-confidence and how to live as a free woman. In her honour I carry her name.


I am Guild mother to the Dalereuth Guildhouse
and the number of residents is growing.

Nevertheless I still have time to read and to collect books.
So, if you like, you can have a look at my library.
* Jaelle points to the wooden door on the right *



When my day's work is done, sometimes creativity comes over me and I draw pictures, write poems or fantasize short stories.


If you are interested in the contortions of my mind
here is a gallery with some of those pieces of art
I produced and some stuff I just found worthwhile
to collect.

Creativity sometimes goes a different way.
Anything from sawing to painting to glueing
to hammering is accomplished here.




This is the our guest room where
we host guests of the Guild and travelers.
This guest room has the advantage that it is
never overbooked and the guests never bug us.

I usually don't tell people what happens
in my bedroom but what shouldn't happen there
you can find behind this door. ;-)




If you want to leave me a note...

If you would like to leave, I'd recommend you have a look at the virtual Guildhouse where I took my oath. You will meet Oath mother Valentina and my sisters there.
Please feel free to visit me again. It was nice meeting you.

* Jaelle leads you out the back door *

Door to the City of Dalereuth